About Us
From a shared passion for YouTube and movies to crafting videos that captivate millions, our journey has been nothing short of cinematic. Growing up, both Bryan (Far Right) and Alexei (Bottom Right) were enchanted by the power of video storytelling. This shared love laid the foundation for a partnership that would soon revolutionize short-form content.

Our trajectory took a transformative turn with the guidance of our mentor, Tuan Nguyen. Tuan's wisdom, encouragement, and unwavering belief in our potential gave us more than just skills; he instilled in us the confidence to dream bigger. It was Tuan who gave us the initial push to turn our passion into a thriving business.

Our big break came unexpectedly when a public speaking coach approached us to create a TikTok account. The results were staggering: a meteoric rise to 100k followers in just 7 days. This success wasn't a one-off. It sparked a cascade of referrals, turning our passion project into a sought-after expertise.

Today, we've refined our craft to specialize exclusively in short-form content. Our mission? To amplify brands, build loyal follower bases, and empower our clients to monetize their content effectively. With Tuan's teachings as our guiding light, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey and let's create magic together.
Our Team
Chief Executive Officer
Bryan Giron
Chief Operating Officer
Alexei Dela Cuesta
Managing Partner
Daniyal Zafar
Managing Partner
Sashien Godakandae
Project Manager
Flavia Marize
Senior Video Editor
Elijah James
Senior Video Editor
Brandon Abas
Video Editor
Wesley Agonia
Creative Director
Tyler Rostedt
“We're on a mission to make content creation easy while raising the bar for video content”
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